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WingWabbit - the base jump bunny. Drop into the bottomless pit in the single player mode to see how far you can get. Collect pickups on the way down, get the highest score and dominate the gloabal leaderboard.

Sign in with Facebook and ply online with the Battle Bunnies multiplayer mode. One on one competition gameplay where the last surviving bunny takes home the pot. Share you achievements to your feed, challenge your friends and splat them on the cave walls.

Quite possibly the best Base jumping Wabbit simulation ever conceived!

System Requirements

  • Compatible with iPad, iPhone,MAC OSX, Android phones & tablets, web.
  • Supports iOS 7.0 and above, Android 4.1 Jelly Bean and above.
  • Play within the Facebook platform.


  • Single player mode in the 'Bottomless Pit'
  • Collect items on the way down, maximize your fall and post your score to the global leaderboard.
  • Connect with Facebook - compete for carrots & share your achievements.
  • Battle Bunnies multiplayer mode - challenge your friends.
  • Deployable wingsuit to buy you those extra precious seconds.
  • Share snapshots of the action on Social media.
  • Time to get your Bunny On!



Screen Shot
Screen Shot

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